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Examples of Achievement

EIDHR – FWC – EuropAid/136781/C/SER/MULTI/9/Lot2 support to electoral mission Afghanistan 2019 in consortium with B&S Europe IFES, IIDH and Hart security

Implementation of EU electoral missions : EIDHR Framework contract (FWC) 2016-2018: In consortium with Business & Strategies Europe SA (B&S), International Foundation for electoral systems (IFES), Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR) and Hart security.

Desk study project : Support to the consolidation of best practices for follow-up to EU and OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Missions (EOMs) Recommendations : 2017/383800 : In consortium with B&S.

Technical Assistance to the Programme : Increasing the AU's capacity in Election Observation : 2015-2018 : In consortium with B&S.

Implementation of the EU Election Observation Mission in Zambia - SERVICE CONTRACT N° EC/EOM/2011/269-278. Budget: EUR 3.099.640

PHALENES SA, as part of the Consortium “Transtec, Control Risk Group, PHALENES”, has implemented successfully the Election Observation Mission in Zambia, which was funded by the European Union. It was the 7th mission of PHALENES SA in the field of electoral observation, after Mozambique, Malawi, Togo, Nigeria, Tanzania and Burundi.

Election observation is a fundamental component of an election process. It is a crucial transparency check that promotes accountability and can therefore deter fraud and irregularities.

This in turn can reduce violence and encourage participation. Election observation also provides wider information on a country's human rights situation and promotes immediate and long-term democratic development.

Since 2000 the European Union (EU) has been committed to undertaking comprehensive, long- term election observation, in accordance with international standards, through the deployment of Election Observation Missions (EOMs).

The European Union Election Observation Missions (EU EOMs) to beneficiary countries are implemented from the EIDHR (European Instrument for Human Rights) budget line of the European Union.

EU EOMs are independent (from the Member States, from the European Commission, from the European Parliament, and the Consultant) in their political judgments. EU EOMs are projects financed by the European Commission and implemented through contracting the selected Consultant.

The main activities of the consortium were (1) to implement the logistic, security and administrative aspects of the EU EOM (arrange office space, accommodation, transportation, communication, security services, equipment, administrative support, etc.); (2) to contract each Core Team (CT) member, Long Term Observer (LTO) and Short Term Observer (STO), whom the European Commission has identified; (3) to arrange for i) medical, ii) accident insurance, and iii) medical repatriation insurance; (4) to arrange for the participation in the EU EOM of third country observers selected by the European Commission; (5) to implement the logistic, security and administrative aspects of the European Parliament Election Observation Delegation (EP EOD).

All activities have been successfully achieved and the EOM Zambia reported no major incidents neither on the day of the elections nor later during the consecutive weeks.

SOMALILAND / Technical assistance of Domestic Observers in view of the Presidential and Local Elections in Somaliland – Service Contract N° EC/2010/232-396. Budget: EUR 130.450,90

The global objective of the assignment was to provide expertise through training and capacity building to SONSAF (Somaliland Non State Actors Forum) and its member’s organizations in the area of electoral domestic observation for the Presidential elections in Somaliland.

PHALENES SA carried out his duties in Hargeisa, Somaliland. He contributed to increased transparency and accountability through the deployment of domestic observers to monitor polling as well as counting and tabulation procedures.

PHALENES SA acted as an advisor to SONSAF on all relevant demarches and steps (MoU, code of conduct for the electoral observers) that enabled the forum to monitor effectively the Presidential elections.

PHALENES SA also assisted in the production of training manuals, the actual purchase of electoral observation material, etc., in producing a timely observation report and in organising a press conference where their findings were disclosed.

The mission was carried out in professional manner and met the expectations of the donor (EU Delegation in the Republic of Kenya).

LEBANON/ Project Design in the sector of support to the Electoral Reform – Service Contract N° EC/2010/257-567. Budget: EUR 98.000,00

The EU has committed itself to assist Lebanon's efforts in improving the human rights situation, which includes the improvement of the electoral framework. In accordance with the National Indicative Programme 2007-2010 for Lebanon, the EU has mobilized € 10 million for the project entitled Reinforcing Human Rights and Democracy in Lebanon through decision 2009/ENPI/020-489.

Its objective was to reinforce the protection of human rights and democracy by supporting the civil society and the public administration in their efforts to improve the human rights record in Lebanon.

The global objective was to support the electoral reform process in Lebanon.

The specific objectives of this assignment were (1) to identify possible concrete intervention areas on which the EU shall work within Subcomponent 2 of the project in order to improve the Lebanese electoral framework considering the local political and legal context as well as the EU's added value; (2) to define the implementation methodology and tools corresponding to the identified intervention areas.

The mission was carried out in professional manner and met the expectations of the donor (EU Delegation in Lebanon).